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Ways to Borrow Cash

Posted on Sunday, July 17th, 2019 at 9:54 am in General Payday Loan Information, Miscellaneous Payday Loan Info

There are several ways to borrow cash when you need it, and depending on your financial situation, some may be better than others. Consider these fast cash options and decide what makes sense for your finances.

Payday Loans
Payday loans are short-term emergency cash loans usually offered by independent lenders not associated with a bank. However, in response to economic troubles, some banks and credit unions are starting to offer their own version of short-term cash loans with credit standards that are easier to meet. Most payday loans are offered by independent lenders who won’t check your credit history.

Payday loans are excellent for sudden emergencies when you don’t have time to wait for a typical loan to get approved. Also, consumers concerned about their credit scores often turn to payday loans to use in place of credit cards for emergencies or incidental spending. Payday loans are good for smaller expenses and when paid off fully on time, have a manageable interest rate. Just be careful with rollovers and payment plans designed to extend the life of your loan, as these will also increase your interest rate.

Cash Advances
Credit card companies will issue cash advances to their cardholders who need one. The cash advance amount you can borrow is determined by your credit limit, and is usually a smaller percentage of your available credit. Credit card cash advances are helpful in situations when you need to pay with cash but don’t have any on hand. Just keep in mind that your cash advance will add to your current balance and carries a higher interest rate that the typical balance on your card.

Personal Loans
Personal loans are larger loans that are offered by banks and credit unions and usually financed over a year or longer. Most banks and credit unions run credit checks to approve these loans, but don’t get nervous if you think your credit isn’t good enough. Some financial institutions have lowered their credit requirements in response to the recent recession. Apply anyway, even if you’re not sure your credit is good enough. For bigger expenses like a wedding, major home renovations, or serious medical bills, personal loans make the most sense.

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