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State Cash Advance Laws

Posted on Thursday, July 21st, 2019 at 10:07 am in Cash Advances, State Loan Info

Do you know what the cash advance laws are in your state? More than half the states in the US legalize payday lending and impose certain regulations to protect both lenders and consumers in the industry. If you’ve never borrowed a cash advance, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the laws in your own state, especially if you’re considering online cash advances.

Online cash advances are allowed in most states that legalize payday lending. Internet lenders can be based in any state and offer payday loans across the US. The only stipulation is that online payday lenders must be licensed in every state they wish to provide cash loans. This includes some states that have tried to ban payday lending with low interest rate caps. Online lenders can still sometimes operate in these states as long as they can obtain a license. Because they have customers in states with fewer interest rate restrictions, they are not as bothered by the low interest in states like Rhode Island, which has the lowest interest rate cap in the country.

An online lender who offers cash advances in your state must be licensed and follow the laws in your state, including interest rate caps and loan amounts. If your state limits payday loans to $500 with $10 fees per $100, your online lender must follow that law, regardless of the laws in the state they’re based in.

You can verify an online lender’s license by visiting your state’s financial regulation board website. You should find a database there of all licensed payday lenders allowed to provide cash loans in the state. This is also a good way to verify that your online lender is legitimate and not trying to scam you with a fake website.

Know and understand the laws of borrowing cash advances in your state before submitting an application to be a responsible borrower.

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