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Responsible Cash Advances

Posted on Monday, July 18th, 2019 at 9:55 am in Financial Planning Info, General Payday Loan Information

Borrowing cash advances responsibly will save you money and can help improve your credit score. It’s always good to build good financial habits and keep your finances in check to stay out of debt. Here is some practical advice for using your cash advance responsibly.

Limit Your Cash Amounts
Think about how much cash you need and other ways you can cover your expense. The less cash you need to borrow, the less you’ll pay in fees and interest. Limiting your borrowing to a few hundred dollars or less is the wisest choice you can make. See if you can supplement the amount you need with money from a savings account or a loan from family or friends. The less you need to borrow from any financial institution, the healthier your finances will be.

Pay In Full
Whether you’re paying off a cash advance or paying your credit card bill, make every effort to pay your balance in full. The longer your payment plan is extended, the more interest you’ll pay. The more interest you pay, the longer it will take you to pay off your principle debt. Pay your payday lender in full whenever you can afford to.

If you’re just advancing cash before payday to cover a bill that’s due now and falls into your regular monthly budget, paying in full shouldn’t be a problem. If you have a bigger emergency that doesn’t fit your budget, see if you can draw from other resources to help you pay in full.

Consider Why You’re Borrowing
Do you really need this loan? Ask yourself if it’s an expense you can put off before you borrow cash. Some emergencies just can’t wait, but others can be put off until you have enough cash saved. Car repairs can wait a few weeks if you can take public transportation or carpool to work. Save up money for a new dishwasher and wash your dishes by hand in the meantime. Not every inconvenience is an emergency. Consider what you need the cash for and whether it’s an expense that can wait before you take on extra debt.

Responsible borrowing is the best way to keep your cash advances affordable.

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