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What are payday loans?
Payday loans are a quick and easy way to borrow money to meet emergency expenses. Are you short on cash to pay your bills? Faced with a sudden unexpected expense? Over your credit limit? A payday loan will provide you with the money you need to pay your bills on time, avoid overdraft charges, and not harm your credit. Payday loans are convenient, safe, and fast, though it’s important to explore different types of loans that may be more appropriate for your financial situation.

What’s the benefit?
You’ll receive the money you need fast and without hassle. A bank will typically charge $30 in overdraft fees. An account overdrawn by $100 can create an annualized interest rate of 720% if the full $130 is paid back within two weeks! A typical credit card carries a 19 – 30% annualized interest rate. When used responsibly, payday loans are a cost effective alternative to bank fees and won’t hurt your credit score. The process is simple: complete the online form and receive the money you need when you need it to cover your expenses!

Is my application secure and confidential?
CashAdvancer understands the importance of keeping personal and financial information secure. To ensure your online security, this site uses 128-bit encryption to protect your application. All information submitted to us is confidential and will never be sold or shared with any outside party besides your individual lender who processes your application.

Am I eligible?
Requirements vary depending on the lender but if you meet the following criteria:

  • Are a US citizen
  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Have worked at your current job for at least 3 months
  • Have a checking account to receive your money
  • Have an income of at least $800 a month before taxes

Then you are eligible for a payday loan!

How big of a loan can I get?
The typical maximum amount of a payday loan is $1,500. Loan limits vary based on state law, your monthly salary, and your ability to pay back the lender. You will not receive more than you can reasonably be expected to pay back.

How long does the approval process take?
Your submitted application will be reviewed by a lender immediately and if approved, you will receive your money within 24 hours, often within the same day! You chances for approval will increase if you have paid off previous cash advances or payday loans.

What collateral is required? Is my credit rating important?
Payday loans are awarded based on your work history and expected future income to ensure that you will pay back your loan. Therefore, collateral is not required and your credit history will not be examined.

I have bad credit. Can I still get a payday loan?
Absolutely! CashAdvancer does not run credit checks, so qualified applicants can be approved for a payday loan even if they’ve been turned down by other lenders for bad credit.

I’m concerned about my privacy. Is the application on your site secure?
Our site is secured with 128-bit SSL encryption to ensure the highest level of protection for your sensitive personal information. We take our customers’ privacy seriously and build our site to keep all data transferred to and from the site completely secure and confidential.

How will I know if my payday loan is approved?
We’ll send you an email verification of your loan status as soon as your lender approves your application.

Do you charge a fee for online applications?
No, CashAdvancer’s easy, 3-step application is completely free.

Am I obligated to take out a loan when I submit an application?
Not at all. When you submit your application, a CashAdvancer representative will get in touch with you to discuss lending options. You are free to withdraw your application if you change your mind about getting a payday loan and can ask your representative any questions or concerns you may have.

When does my loan expire?
Lending periods vary depending on state law, but most payday loans are borrowed for 8 to 25 days, depending on when you expect your next paycheck.

How frequently can I borrow a payday loan?
That depends on your state’s regulations. Some states limit the number of active payday loans an individual can take out in a year. Other states have no restrictions at all. CashAdvancer encourages our customers to borrow responsibly and only borrow as many payday loans as they need to help support a cash emergency.

How do I repay my loan?
You lender will present you with payment options when your loan is due. You can repay the full amount on the agreed upon maturity date, or you can pay the interest and renew the amount to pay back later.