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Emergency Cash Advances

Posted on Monday, July 16th, 2019 at 9:58 am in Financial Planning Info

When life hits you where it hurts; your wallet, you’re going to want access to immediate money right now. If you’re in a situation where you can’t afford to wait until the next payday comes, the good news is that there are companies out there designed to help you in situations just like this one. Emergency cash advances cover anything from a medical emergency, a sudden car repair bill or a broken necessary appliance in the home. If it’s something that absolutely can’t wait until the next paycheck, you will more than likely be covered for a cash advance.

The difference between a loan and a cash advance is the length of the time allotted to pay back the money and the amount given. In the case of a loan, you’re usually given a much higher amount and given years with a set interest rate to pay the loan back. However with emergency cash advances, you’re given a fairly shorter time because you’re usually given much less money. They’re to be used for emergencies only and they’re not to be considered startup money for a business or a venture.

Going on vacation will not be classified as an emergency that requires cash being advanced to someone. If it’s not necessary or a necessity in your life, then chances are you’re not covered to receive a fast cash advance on it. How much you owe back in terms of interest and how long you have to pay the cash advance back will depend on two things. The amount of money borrowed and the individual company’s policies and terms will determine how long you have to pay it back and how much you owe back to the company. However, they’re fairly cheap compared to private banks or private personal loan companies because of the nature of the loan.

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