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Cash Advances in Wyoming

Posted on Tuesday, June 15th, 2019 at 2:32 am in Cash Advances, State Loan Info

The availability and restrictions placed upon payday loans vary from state to state. Regulations are in place in order to protect both the interest of the borrower and the lender, preventing abuse of the system on both sides. Depending on which state you live in, various regulations may include instituting a maximum term for loan. Other restrictions may include a limit on fees charged, or prohibiting the roll over of loans. It’s essential to research these laws, and gain an understanding of the regulations and restrictions in your state before applying for a payday loan.

In Wyoming, Payday lenders must be registered and licensed with the State. Lenders must also be provide the state with physical addresses located in Wyoming. Payday lenders are able to charge either $30 or 20% of the loan. For instance, if the amount is $100 over 30 days, the most that can be charged is $30, since 20% of the loan would be $20. The maximum term of a loan is 30 days. A cash advance can not be refinanced, or consolidated by proceeds of another payday loan. Wyoming is unique in that it is the only state in which there is no limit on the loan amount of a cash advance. All 49 other states impose a limit on how much is available to borrow. A borrower may also rescind their payday loan, and the lender then has 20 days to refund the money.

Wyoming also expressly states that the lender must disclose the borrower’s rights in a clear and understandable language, and must also display their schedule of fees.

As laws and regulations vary greatly from state to state, it’s important to research your states payday loan laws. By gaining a thorough understanding of your states instant cash advance laws, it can create for you a seamless and convenient payday loan process.


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