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Cash Advances in Florida

Posted on Monday, July 5th, 2019 at 3:55 pm in Cash Advances, State Loan Info

As early as July of 2001, Florida had passed payday loan laws which regulate the industry and protect the interest of the the payday loan borrower. The regulations have authorized payday loans in the State but enforce certain limitations on the loan terms. Like any regulations created in regards to the payday industry, the State enforces these laws in order to protect the borrower and outlaw any payday lender who may be utilizing unfair or unlawful lending tactics. Each regulation in place has created a safe borrowing environment and allows the user to feel safe, knowing they can receive a payday loan and be treated fairly.

A payday loan amount may not exceed $500. There is a limit of fees and interest a payday lender may borrow as well. The maximum a lender may charge is 10% of the loan amount plus a $5 fee. The 10% interest rate in Florida is one of the lowest maximum interest rates in the entire nation. Florida also restricts the number of payday loan laws that a borrower may take out at any one time. A borrower can not exceed one payday loan at a time. The length of the loan in Florida is 7 – 31 days. If a borrower is unable to pay back their loan by the end of the original loan term, a lender must allow the borrower a 60 day grace period before starting collection on the loan. The borrower must then use this time to go through credit counseling and work out a payment plan with the payday lender.

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